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Exemplary Educators
Teacher Preparation Program

The Exemplary Educators Teacher Certification Program is specifically designed for teachers seeking certification while teaching. Our alternative preparation program prepares and supports teacher candidates throughout their certification journey. Our instructors provide weekly one-on-one coaching and support each week, giving candidates the competence and confidence to become exemplary educators. 

Our Program Provides


Live Courses

Our instructors teach course content and model best practices in weekly live courses via Zoom.


Teacher Coaching

Courses include weekly coaching connected to course content through video upload and coaching meetings.


Job-Embedded Assignments

Assignments are related to the work teachers do on a daily basis, connecting content to their own students and class.

Our Certification Programs

Arizona Alternative Elementary Education  Certification  (K-8)

Bachelor's Degree

To qualify for an alternative teacher preparation program you must already have a Bachelor's degree. 

Fingerprint Card

Qualified candidates will need to obtain a level 1 IVP fingerprint clearance card. Click for more information.

Teacher Certificaton

Once you enroll with us, you will obtain an alternative teaching certificate. 

Click for more information.

Teaching Job

Alternative teacher education programs provide teacher education while the candidate is teaching. Apply now!

What do I need to qualify?

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Elementary Education
Program Outline

Our two-year program aligns coursework to most school calendars. Candidates take one course per quarter. 

Course assignments are designed to allow teacher candidates to have practical work-related application.  Instructors are experienced educators who provide individualized coaching and feedback. 

Our program is a high-quality teacher preparatio
n option for candidates who want to be effectively prepared for today's classrooms. 

Every teacher deserves an exemplary certification program!

Course 1

Classroom Management & Engagement Strategies 

Year 1, Quarter 1

Course 3

The Science of Reading & Structured Literacy

Year 1, Quarter 3

Course 5

Strategies for Teaching Mathematics

Year 2, Quarter 1

Course 7

Learner Development & Supporting Special Education Students

Year 2, Quarter 3

Course 2

Planning & Delivering Aligned Instruction   
Year 1, Quarter 2

Course 4

Strategies for Teaching Reading and Language Arts

Year 1, Quarter 4

Course 6

Teaching and Integrating Science & Social Studies
Year 2, Quarter 2

Course 8

Structured English Immersion: Teaching English Language Learners
Year 2, Quarter 4

Your new career awaits,
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