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“The professional relationships that EE consultants foster with our staff is second to none. Their ability to identify individual teachers' needs, trends, and support has helped provide the growth our educators need and want from a consultant. The advisors walk side by side through the entire process with our teachers and provide the support needed. There is a whole child balanced approach with our EE advisors. Because the relationship between the coach, teacher, and students in our school community are interrelated, the students' educational environment and experience in the classroom is always a high priority. The debriefing and feedback sessions with the EE advisor is always a space to make sure that each student in a classroom has been given an equitable opportunity to access the content


The EE executives and consultants are some of the best in the business. Their experienced team intentionally tailor their professional development and coaching to what our school/s need and are driven to purposefully execute the services promised.”

Dameon Blair
Middle/High School Principal
STEM Academy


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