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About Us

Exemplary Educators is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering educators to reach their highest potential.


We are:

  • Teachers

  •  Coaches

  • Principals

  • District Administrators

…dedicated to creating a bright and equitable future for all children. We believe this future is achieved by ensuring all children have access to exemplary teachers.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Empowering educators to become exemplary through early intervention & continuous support. 

Exemplary educators for every child.

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Our Story

Exemplary Educators was originally founded as Emergency Educator Support Services. We were deeply concerned about the high numbers of students in rural, diverse, urban, and indigenous classrooms whose teachers were long term substitutes, emergency or alternatively certified. Many of these teachers left after only days or weeks into the year. Some children had as many as four different teachers in a year. Some children would go two years without being taught by a certified teacher. The consequences are devastating. 
We decided to act!
Over many cups of coffee, we brainstormed ways to answer the following question.
•    How can we support these teachers so they stay in the classroom and become the  exemplary teachers they dream of being?
•    How can we do this quickly and still maintain excellence? 
•    Who can we enlist to join us?

We found answers that work.
We created a unique and powerful coaching cycle that supports teachers new to the profession to rapidly become confident and competent in the foundations of teaching. 
We found amazing, exemplary educators to come alongside teachers as expert partners and advisors.
Teachers stayed in the classroom.
As we grew, we realized that ALL teachers benefited from our model. We changed our name to Exemplary Educators and found more ways to support schools and ensure children had access to great teachers. We added services for online/remote coaching, site and district administrator coaching, a Grow Your Own Certification program to support districts in training and certifying their own teachers, online substitute training, and a 45 hour Structured English Immersion course. Everything we do supports our vision of exemplary educators for every child.
We are excited as we continue to contribute to this bright future. 


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